Flowboard for iPad and Mac


iPad Launched May 2nd 2013 / Mac Launched July 10th 2014

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I am delighted to announce that Flowboard has won the Tabby award for best Personal Productivity app for iPad in 2014: http://tabbyawards.com/2014winners/

Flowboard is presentation software designed for an always connected, always mobile audience.  With Flowboard our goal was to provide a way for ordinary people to create presentations that felt more like apps.  Many people use slides to generate conversations and present directly from their mobile devices or the web.  However, none of the existing solutions allowed users to create presentation that were interactive or felt more like an app when on mobile.

Flowboard is a platform for creating presentations that can be shared to the web and mobile devices.  We decided to launch Flowboard first on the iPad because it is most natural for users to create a presentation for touch directly on a touch screen.  Flowboard for iPad launched in April of 2013 and has been well received by users and press.   Apple has featured Flowboard in the App Store in over 20 countries, including US, UK, Japan, and Germany.

Here is what the press has said about Flowboard:

  • Cult of Mac says:

    • “Flowboard App Will Be The Most Important Free App You Download This Month.”

  • CNET says:

    • “Create amazing presentations on your iPad with Flowboard. Flowboard offers an intuitive app for creating presentations and digital photo books for you to share across the Web.”

    • “Flowboard is the kind of wholly unique and engaging app that makes the iPad a powerhouse publishing and promotion-creating tool….This is a must-download for any business owner or marketing consultant.” read more
  • Robert Scoble (of Scobleizer) says:

    • “Flowboard’s storytelling app defines a new standard.”

  • More nice things people have said about Flowboard can be found here http://flowboard.com/press


Following is an early internal marketing video that I created to help focus our team around our objectives with Flowboard.


Apple gave Flowboard Mac very nice placement in the Mac App Store when it launched and has, so far, continued to keep the app in a featured slot in the US!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.39.08 PM

Finally, if you’d like to see the beginnings of Flowboard for Mac please have a look at this interactive wireframe that I created nearly a year prior to our July 2014 launch. view prototype>



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