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Launched March 8th, 2012 / Last updated Aug.1st, 2013
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I led the team of developers who created this app and worked closely with the CBS This Morning app designers to create a user experience that was tailored for the real time content presented hour-by-hour as the show airs. The app went live on iPad and iPhone on March 8th 2012 and went on to win a Mobile Excellence Award later in that year.   I had the pleasure of leading our development team and working closely with designers and the product team at CBS.

During the development of CBS This Morning I also wrote a light weight server-side framework that processes a heavy CBS XML based API and returns RAM cached thin JSON responses to this app.  The framework, known internally as JitJ or Just in time JSON, is a highly flexible middle layer architecture that allows our system to streamline content returned to the app and to rapidly make changes to incoming data when needed.  Another feature of JitJ, is that Objective-C API bindings are able to be generated automatically from the PHP middle layer, meaning that no additional client-side integration is required.   The JitJ PHP framework was built on learnings from years of integration with 3rd party APIs and has since become the standard in how we interface with CBS Interactive APIs and APIs of other partners.



The CBS THIS MORNING App includes the following features:
On-Demand Video: The app offers all of the current day’s television segments, including hard news, roundtable discussions, special features and thought-provoking interviews as reported by Charlie Rose, Gayle King, Erica Hill and other CBS THIS MORNING correspondents and contributors. Additionally, the app delivers archived pieces accessible through category browsing and search.
Easy Browsing: Browse segments by category such as “Politics & Power,” covering politics and the 2012 election; “Morning Money,” featuring stories on the economy and your financial well-being; “Pop Culture,” keeping the pulse on what and who everyone is talking about, and “Healthwatch,” reviewing the biggest health stories of the day.
The Newsroom: A live Twitter feed from the show’s correspondents and contributors including @GayleKing, @RebeccaJarvis, @EricaRHill, and @CBSThisMorning.